2020 fashion trends: 5 trends from the catwalk to your home

Image Source:  Comme des Garçons fashionista.com and Dedar/About Flowers

Catwalk trends not only set the style vocabulary of our fashion, but that of our homes too. Having recently enjoyed Paris and Milan’s fashion shows, we can now see what the influencers of the fashion industry presented, and how we can interpret that in our homes.

 Image Source:  Paco Rabanne fashionista.com and Pinterest

Lively coloured geometric forms were at the heart of show, a feel of optimism and cheer was brought to the catwalk, embracing the colours of the rainbow. There were no limits; from blouses to dresses, swimwear, shoes and accessories. The eye-catching collections on offer portray a variety of patterns using bright colour combinations.

Focussing on your flooring to make a statement at home could prove a striking impression to easily refresh a room. Be sure not to limit yourself to bold stripes, think honeycombe, squares, hound’s-tooth, herringbone and triangles, and don’t be afraid to mix bright colour patterns for a dramatic look.

Image Source: Saint Laurent fashionista.com and Pinterest

Aside from the colourful impression we have seen on the catwalk, black will always be the heart and soul of the fashion world. Black provides drama and elegance to both fashion and interiors, and it’s no surprise it is once again one of the biggest influences of our favourite catwalk designers.

Using Black in a smaller space with a lack of natural light can give a touch of discerning glamour. A complete black look is an amazing way of creating an atmosphere, however if you are not feeling that adventurous, use it as your accent colour, your room will scream classic sophistication and luxury.

Image Source: Dior fashionista.com and Lizzo

A translucent garment is a wardrobe staple for any stylish fashionista. Lingerie plays an important role in this fast growing trend as transparencies are everywhere you look; in both fashion and interiors we build upon layers to create beautiful textures and give a sense of movement and depth.

The catwalk this year offered a beautiful medley of long flattering frocks, tiered skirts and voluminous sleeves. We particularly love how this trend translates into interiors; sheer curtains give any scheme a contemporary, elegant look. Sheers come in plain and patterned designs and in natural fibres (voiles). They assist with privacy and light control, and can have acoustic properties. Overall, they are very practical.

Image Source: Carolina Herrera.harpersbazaar.com and livingetc.com

2020 has seen the catwalk has revived the polka dot. The cheerful pattern has been printed, not only on solid fabrics but also on sheers. Designers have experimented with colour, volume and proportions in their garments, demonstrating the versatility of this pattern. When it comes to interiors, the bigger the dot, the colder the scheme will feel. For a more eclectic look, polka dots can be mixed with other geometric shapes, patterns and colours.

Image Source: Dior fashionista.com and stylelibrary.com – Harlequin/Mirador

Lastly, we noticed an abundance of sophisticated floral layouts. Reminiscent of mature gardens and fields, emerging from the tropical prints we all loved in previous seasons, this botanical trend is not limited to leaves. The movement embraces plants, flowers and animals; patterns which have proven to be one the favourites for our interiors, due to their versatility, beauty and timeless splendour.


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